Almost a step too far.

The Everest 100 (October 2025)

The Ultimate Descent

Pushing The Boundaries

Descending from an altitude of 5,164 meters at Gorak Shep, to an altitude of 1905 meters at Jiri, 100 miles down the trail. With a 3500 meter pass thrown in for good measure.

This is a classic trail run through set checkpoints.

Learn as you trek.

The fact that the race is on the same route as the trek up to Everest enables runners to learn the course.


To create a sustainable annual event that will challenge athletes and to support the local communities where the event is held.

Protecting the environment

We will be limiting numbers and adhering to eco friendly tourism.

For this event to be successful it will need to protect the environment where it is held and be a benefit to the local communities.

Tourism and Commerce

We see this event as a way to responsibly develop tourism in Nepal and to create employment for Nepalese people. All money raised through this event will enter the Nepali economy and Nepalese businesses.


Between us we have been reponsible for creating and organising: The Everest Marathon, The Annapurna Triathlon, The Kathmandu Marathon, The Annapurna 100 and The Everest Ultra.


The event is based on an all inclusive package.

Trekking the course.

By trekking up the course, the runners will familiarise themselves with the terrain.

There is also another very good reason to do this. The runners will become acclimatised for the event as they trek and at the same time maintain their fitness for the event.

Board and Lodging

We will be trekking from village to village and our accommodation will be in teashops so we support the local economy. Where beds are short we will suppliment the accommodation with tents which will add to the adventure.


Our numbers are strictly limited to 100 participants.

This is not an entry level event.

To be accepted on this event you will have to show proof that you have completed a recognised 100 mile event.

Much as people desire to take part in this event, it is important to realise that inexperience is a danger not only to your safety but also the safety of others tasked to rescue you. The first part of the race is at altitude with further climbs into altitude along the lower route.


Helicopter rescue is not always possible and portering on a stretcher is a risk to the support crew.

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